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Peanut Butter Apple Wrap
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So graze boxes are these wicked awesome boxes of snacks that come through your door, behold:

Usually they give you your first box for free (click here to sign up straight away and get a free box) but I’ve got 2 vouchers for 2 free boxes (so 4 boxes in total). So I thought as a thank you to my followers I would spread the love and give them away.
So here’s how it goes:
Must be following me
Check out my lovely BOTM Jen (you’ll be glad to follow her, trust me.)
Reblogs only - likes will be ignored.
UK ONLY - These vouchers aren’t valid internationally.
Reblog as many times as you want just don’t spam your followers please.
On July 28th I will let a random generator pick 2 winners. 
The winners will receive voucher codes for 2 free graze boxes each.
Please have your inbox open so I can send you the voucher code.
Come say hi and be my friend if you want :)
I’ve been informed that graze does deliver in the US, and even though these vouchers are only valid in the UK, you can still click here to get 1 free box :)
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Avocado Salsa - recipe 
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I was really deeply asleep when the alarm woke me up this morning and I’ve just been a zombie every since. Thought my morning run would give me a bit of a boost but that only lasted until I got on the tube.

Then this morning at the office we had a photography agency come in to show us some work and they brought baked goods. I had a bite of brownie, half a cinnamon roll and half a lemon pistachio cake.

Don’t get me wrong, they were delicious, but I’m a bit disgruntled with myself for caving. Now I’m twice as sleepy and it’s making it even harder to focus on work.


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Chia Breakfast Porrdige

Healthy eating!
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“Is having to many bananas bad I have bananas for breakfast like everyday because I was trying to go raw vegan but I don't know what else to have and don't really like or tasted other fruits besides apples & grapes. I'm thinking though that I don't want to eat completely raw everyday just here and there while also having healthy cooked vegan meals... This kind of all over the place sorry if it doesn't make sense”


Eating raw doesn’t just leave you with fruit and veg. A banana everyday for breakfast is fine but I recommend having something else as well. You need some complex carbs and some protein in there.

Here’s a list of vegan blogs for some inspiration:

Also there’s a great recipe blog called Sprouted Kitchen you should check out.


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